AdLemons Frequently Asked Questions.


What benefits give me advertise on a blog?

The blogs get together a micro segmented audience by encompassing such specific niches that allow campaigns to target your audience very specific targets, maximizing each investment.

Moreover, among the bloggers is profiles as heavy-users, headhunters and influencers, which adds value and makes very efficient this type of advertising based on the influence, because not only impacts the reader, but it recommend what they know your around.


Is made AdLemons for me?

AdLemons is designed for you, whether you are a company/freelance, online marketing agency, a media agency or an advertiser, and you will be just as easy to make your campaigns in three simple steps. For larger budgets, please contact us.


In what ways I can buy advertising space in AdLemons?

Currently only for sponsorship, since we specialize in blogs and is the most suitable for this media. The sponsorship allows calculating the budget of the campaigns in advance and spend only what you want, no surprises, knowing exactly what the cost will be fixed and that the banner will appear during the time stated in the ad space purchased from the blog.


Which commissions will I pay as advertiser?

At AdLemons we strongly bet on an advertising system appropriate to nowadays and the difference between our competitors and us is that we have the lowest commissions on the market, exactly 25%.


How to start?

You can begin in sign up you as advertiser and accessing to the platform, where you can see available blogs for put your announces, and choose the most adapted in using the simple search. When your visitors objective is fixed, set up the creativities and… the action begins!


Which advertising supports can be used on AdLemons?

Actually we’re working with display compaigns that is why you can use pictures in size .jpg and .png, and animated .gif. We are also working for allow other supports like Flash and HTML5 for show videos and animations.


Which banners size are allowed on AdLemons?

All sizes of banners are allowed, even if it’s preferable that you use banners size in the standards of the IAB Spain. If you want to see exactly them, for having an idea, you can do it on this page.


How Adlemons works for the blogger?

Once blogger register his blog on AdLemons in 3 steps, he will receive requests of advertisers interessed for appearing in his blog.


Can I take the control about the publicity which appear on my blog?

Unlike the others advertising contextual systems rotary, at AdLemons the blogger can say at any moment if he considers that a banner or mention is appropriate or not to appear on his blog.


Which type of advertising support AdLemons?

With AdLemons you can get managing quickly and simply your own advertising in sponsoring model, and decide about banners’ fixe monthly cost that advertisers, through marketplace, will can book for your blog.


Do I have to pay for use AdLemons as a blogger?

No, AdLemons is totally FREE for bloggers, furthermore you will earn exactly what your want, because it’s you who decide about the price.


When I’m registered, can I already receive campaigns with the code that AdLemons supplied me?

No, when you register a blog, first it have to be approved by AdLemons’ team, for avoid illegal and not allowed content. When it’s approved, if you put the code on your blog, the system will detect it, will valid it and you will can receive campaigns.


Is it necessary to place the code that AdLemons give me on my blog for start to work?

Yes, on AdLemons we do 2 types of checkings, the manual approbation by the team, for avoid illegal and inappropriate contents and the automatic validation which allows us to check if you have the right code for you blog and allows us to know if it is really you, and that you are ready to publish our ads.


Is it compatible with other advertisings?

AdLemons is totally compatible with all advertising systems because we bet on choose liberty, that is why we don’t want to be exclusive, we don’t want to have the monopoly but we just want you to follow us, we just want to be useful. In the case of countability with others systems, you should have consult terms and conditions of utilisation or inform the technic support at the appropriate service.


What happens if I already have sponsors, how can I use AdLemons?

Very simply, you just have to register you on the blog and create advertising areas, like alternative banner, put your actual advertisers like usually, and write the date until they have signed for this area, so AdLemons will propose you advertisers from this date.


How to start?

You can start by register your blogs, create zones for banners with prices that you decide, etc and put the code that we give you, and the alternative code (if you have it) for when advertisers enter in the marketplace de AdLemons, you be available for buy. If you don’t put on your blog the code that we give you, our system will detect it and you won’t get offers.


Which type of websites are allowed in AdLemons as publishers?

Only and exclusively blogs are admitted. If you have doubts about what we consider as a blog, read the next question.


What do you consider as a blog?

According to us, for consider a site as a blog, it must have:

  • Information frequently updating in creating a chronological inversed line in the publication of your contents (articles/post), the first seen are the last updated..
  • Subscription of the contents via feed, with standards rss or atom.
  • Possibility for the users of comment every post..


Which criteria has to have my blog for be a part of AdLemons?

We admit all types of blogs, principally when they’ve got a commercial purpose, or when they even realize a minimal professional way, and especially when they’re about a concrete topic, but we also accept “small” blogs in condition they have a quality minimum and they are actualized in a subordinate of one month ago.


Do you admit blogs created on free platforms like Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Tumblr.com or others?

Yes we do, if the blog have specificities minimum required from the previous and allows javascript code’s insertion. For exemple: WordPress.com (hosted version) doesn’t allow javascript, not from AdLemons or from no one else, at the difference of WordPress.org (self hosted version) does.